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BaNnEd WiThOuT rEaSoN

2008-07-19 14:58:34 by valium9

I'm sure this is abusive of mod powers, how am i supposed to not do bad things again if you dont tell me what the bad things are?

I bet it was Rucklo

EDIT : It was EyeLovePoozy, because I asked Rucklo if its true hes a shitty mod

So, Rucklo isn't the worst mod on Newgrounds...

BaNnEd WiThOuT rEaSoN


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2008-07-22 07:52:16

That shit is hillarious.


2008-10-03 14:43:45

the reason you got banned is obvious if you read your post

valium9 responds:

no shit sherlock


2009-02-14 00:52:37

thats not bad, just 1 day