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only 4 left

2008-03-04 15:56:48 by valium9

Nearly there...

only 4 left

5 days

2008-03-03 11:55:38 by valium9

Only 5 days left...

5 days

Valium9's take on the cool/shitty userlists

2008-03-02 11:35:17 by valium9

Inspired by Phantox and other users, I have decided to compile my own cool/shitty userlist.

Original? No, I am aware of that- but its a good way to give credit where its due and tell people waht I think of them.

Cool users

Evark- Harsh but fair mod, can only recall him fucking up once in all the time I've been on Newgrounds, on the "what do you refer to women as?" thread.

Zerok- Probably the best mod on Newgrounds, the speed at which he deletes and locks shit is amazing

shadowwest2k7- Has good sense of humor, one of few with fine enough taste to appreciate my zerok cat joke

Tea- Best new user of the year, great photoshopper

Ragnarokia- Always a good poster, makes good topics, and generally nice

FBIpolux- needs more dragons

Capncrunchdapimp- Is awesome and has good taste in women

Shitty users


seriously though, this crazy little fucker needs a good slap round the face and medication

Phantox- I've said it once and I'll say it again, I dont know who this kid thinks he is.

Kittykrew- i wish this spam crew would curl up and die

No doubt I'll get flamed for this, oh well- I may add to this list in drips and drabs as i feel like it.

6 More days

2008-03-01 20:04:29 by valium9

I dont give a flying fuck, I'm going to see this through to the bitter end.

What am I counting down to? You'll just have to wait and see...

6 More days

What the fuck Is this guy's problem?

2008-03-01 17:19:02 by valium9


Who the fuck does he think he is? Lord of Newgrounds?

The kid is fucking fifteen years old, and seems to believe that he has some kind of authority.

You are not a mod Phantox, And your constant mouthing off at whoever posts something you don't like is pathetic. if it shouldn't be on the Bbs, the mods will deal with it, If they don't- then shut your mouth you idiot.

The topic of moderators leads me onto my next topic- Phantox's cool/shitty userlist which can be found here

Hmmm, yeah real mature, lets see what it has to say about me...

"Shitty Newgrounds Users:

Valium9 - Dumbass who thinks he's very clever. Posts shit on almost every topic. Needs to GTFO"

<sarcasm> Wow, that was mature, and not in the slightest hypocritical.<sarcasm/>

I guess stupid questions demand stupid answers.

Also- lets see what he has to say about Evark, one of our trusted moderators...

"Evark - I don't know what's this guy's problems but he's always deleting my posts. How do I know? Because each time one of my posts disappear, he's the one that's online."

Okay, right- lets get this straight. You can't understand why your posts seem to disappear in the presence of a moderator (and a good one from what i've seen). I wonder why....

Apparently its now a mod's "problem" to see a shitty post. I guess it is a mod's problem as its their job to delete these posts. So now we know what Evark's problem is Phantox.

Also, earlier today I got this nice little note from Phantox on my countdown blog post.

"Phantox says:
No one gives a fuck"

That was polite. Now lets look back to Phantox's cool/shitty list

"Gendo - He thinks he's the most badass kid on Newgrounds. He needs to learn to shut his fucking mouth."

Starting to see a correlation here? A 15 year old boy who posts 18+ hentai images on newgrounds since 2006 (i.e- when he was 13), going onto complete stranger's userpage and swearing like a sailor.

Its my userpage and I'll do what I like on it.

Also- Look who seems to think he's badass- a 15 year old kid on the internet.

And now I shall conclude with my shitty userlist.

Shitty users



Seriously though.

EDIT: Betty is also a shitty user

7 Damned Days!

2008-03-01 07:13:50 by valium9

7 more days

7 Damned Days!


2008-02-29 11:34:06 by valium9

8 more days


New Sig

2008-02-25 12:39:53 by valium9

Made by tea, sorry Capncrunchdapimp, but crocodiles are awesome, perhaps more so than dita von teese

Farewell old sig...

New Sig

I'm going to Bodom!

2008-02-23 11:25:43 by valium9

Got my ticket to the sold out gig at Astoria today, tickets sold for silly money on ebay and i got mine for £20

Jealous much?

I'm going to Bodom!

My first news post

2008-02-22 18:40:00 by valium9

Making this post because

a.)- I'm bored
b.)-My userpage was blank
c.)- I got a one day ban for "fueling the flames- i.e, warning a troll.

So I got my cast rebound today by a 120k per year gp, and it looks like a two year old did it.
Changed my aura back from dark to fab.
And made like 20 bbs posts.
I level up in 9 days.
Its 11:36 pm.
I'm going to bed.
Over and Out.

My first news post